Women’s State Pairs Title

2017-18 Women’s State Pairs Champions

Congratulations to Christine Keller (Hahndorf BC) and partner Alex Reynolds (Woodside BC), who were victorious in the Women’s State Pairs on the final day of Champions Week at Murray Bridge. The competition has been running since 1931 and they are the first Hills Bowling Association combination to win this title since inception.

For both Christine and Alex, this was the first time either have won a State Championship event. Understandably they are both pretty chuffed.

The final was a country women’s affair against Kerri Treloar (Berri BC) pairing with her sister Chris Nicholls (Mt Barker BC). Both pairs showed signs of nervousness during a match in which Christine and Alex had an early 6 nil lead.  This was quickly cancelled when Kerri took the jack back for a 3 and a further 3 on the following end squared the score. Kerri and Chris N built on their success and a 12 -9 lead looked threatening.  Christine K’s movement of the jack on the next end was game changing and enabled the Keller–Reynolds pair to score a four and take a 13-12 lead.

By this time the temperature was climbing and the synthetic surface slowing as the northerly breeze strengthened. Both pairs struggled with the conditions and a close tussle ensued with scores tied at 15 all after 16 ends.  A single on the 17th end enabled Christine and Alex to take a one shot lead into the final end.  Alex drew within half a metre with her first bowl. This bowl was pushed closer by Chris N’s last bowl as she tried to draw inside.  A drive by Kerri missed, but she successfully shifted the jack with her second bowl. However, she was still down by one shot.  Christine K drew her third bowl behind the jack and Kerri then tried unsuccessfully to draw the final shot.  This gave Christine and Alex a 17 – 15 win.

During the course of this event both players contributed with some great bowls and their success was due in a large part to the way in which they combined. The final was probably not their best, but it can be viewed through experimental live streaming on the Bowls SA website.  Unfortunately, instruction re the implications of a camera were not spelt out to the players and obstruction of the camera view happens on a few ends.