Wednesday Windy Winners

Played in unpredictable winds, both teams got home with convincing wins.  Bob Edwards laid claim to the Rink of the Week with a massive 36 shot win overtaking Tom Hennessey’s Saturday win of 35 shots.  Bill Fairley had a close game winning by 4 shots and Malcolm Keller went down by a solitary shot on the last end.

Jim Howe’s rink continued on their winning way with a strong 30 – 9 win and Ron Bateman returned to the winners list with a solid 11 shot win.  Bill Robertson’s rink’s score reflected the closeness of the game throughout unfortunately going down by 2 shots.  Hahndorf holding four shots with the opposing skipper’s last bowl to play, he bowled the perfect bowl to sit on the jack and win the end.

Results were:

Division 1  Hahndorf 1 defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                 83 – 44  shots

Bob Edwards (skip), Carolyne Edwardes, Kathy Miller, Barry Rimmer             42 – 6
Bill Fairley (skip), Chris Button, Tom Hennessey, Vic Liebelt                            25 – 21
Malcolm Keller (skip), Michael Wheal, Greg Miller, Con Harmer                       16 – 17

Division 2  Hahndorf 2 defeated Uraidla 2 at Hahndorf                       72 – 42 shots

Jim Howe (skip), Di Bateman, Ken Wilson, Val Deeble                                       30 – 9
Ron Bateman (skip), Richard Crocker, Ray Hoffman, Brian Buckingham            23 – 12
Bill Robertson (skip), Graham Evans, Shelly Howe, Eric Biar                              19 – 21