Wet Practice Night!!

Thank you to everyone who attended this afternoon’s practice.  Over twenty bowlers were present and participated in a valued discussion regarding the Bowls Etiquette within our club.  Many good suggestions were put forward and considered.  Your Club Coaches are combining the suggestions and forwarding a revised draft Bowls Etiquette for our Club to our Club Committee for consideration.   A draft copy will be placed on the Club Notice Board this Friday for members to view. If any member has any further suggestions, please let either Michael or Graham know by this Thursday.

As the weather remained inclement, two groups were involved in “reading and developing the head”, led by Geoff Deeble and Chris Button/Bob Edwards.  Members were asked what shot could be played with the view to considering various shot outcomes and the associated risks.

Our thanks to Geoff, Chris, and Bob plus all who participated.  From the feedback received, everyone was pleased with this afternoon’s late change.

Please note we plan to conduct the outdoors drills programmed for tonight next week. Could all in attendance tonight please bring your handout next week?