Wednesday Woes

Wednesday did not turn our to be memorable expect for the wind and disappointing results.  All the teams struggled with the unpredictable winds but our opposition handled it better than us.

In top division Phil Nagel’s rink certainly had the better of Barry Rimmer winning by seven shots whilst Bob Edward’s rink had a great battle all day with Guy Stanley going down by two shots.  Chris Button’s rink had a day it does not wish to remember.  Just to mention two particular ends they lost one shot on each and held six and four seconds respectively.

In second division Ron Bateman had an excellent win by nine shots but unfortunately Bill Robertson and Tom Hennessey had difficult days.

Results were: 

Hahndorf defeated by Oakbank at Hahndorf                     42 – 61
Division One
C Button, G Evans, P Williams, C Harmer                               4 – 28
R Edwards, R Rattray, M Wheal, R Crocker                          18 – 20
P Nagel, T Anderson, L Lambert, M Armitage                       20 – 13

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated by Mt Barker #2 at Hahndorf               54 – 71
R Bateman, B Buckingham, E Biar, J Liebelt                          26 – 17
T Hennessey, D Bateman, J Benham, R Munday                   10 – 25
W Robertson, A McMahon, R Burton, D Turner                      18 – 29