Wednesday teams disappointed

Hahndorf 1 lost by 5 shots, with only one rink winning.  Malcolm Keller established a 12 -2 lead and although challenged after the tea break settled and went on to win convincingly 23 to 13.  Bob Edwards’ rink had a tight game all day but eventually lost by 5 shots, 17 to 22.

Christine Keller’s rink stayed in touch early, but as the game went on, were not consistent enough and went down 13 to 23.

Division 2 took a heavy defeat with only Jim Howe’s rink offering any resistance.  Playing a very strong Woodside team, any good bowls played by our players were quickly removed and the score reversed.  One to forget by many.

Our division one team is now placed fifth and division two team now head the second grouping in eighth position.  Next week div 1 plays Mt Pleasant who are fourteenth and div two plays Uraidla 2 who are ninth on the ladder.   Both matches are at home.

Division 1  Hahndorf 1 (5) lost to Mt Barker 1 (2) at Mt Barker          53 – 58 shots  

Malcolm Keller (skip), Barry Rimmer, Chris Button, Vic Liebelt                      23 – 13
Bob Edwards (skip), Roger Mableson, Kathy Miller, Con Harmer                  17 – 22
Christine Keller (skip), Leo Lambert, Carolyne Edwardes, Eric Biar               13 – 23

Division 2  Hahndorf 2 (6) lost to Woodside (4) at Woodside              32 – 103 shots

Jim Howe (skip), Di Bateman, Tom Hennessey, Brian Buckingham                  16 – 21
Ron Bateman (skip), Richard Crocker, Allen McMahon, Graham Evans             8 – 38
Bill Robertson (skip), Shelly Howe, Ray Hoffman, Val Deeble                             8 – 44