Wednesday – HOT – Disappointing

Dear Members – still looking for any team member to write an article relating to the day’s play for all teams except for Saturday Div 2.  Bill Robertson has offered to provide score information from the cards to allow a small article for the website.  Just write in Word and send attachment to and I will copy and paste to the website.  It’s that simple!!  Any further info please ask.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf lost to Oakbank at Hahndorf                            55 – 71
C Button, S Howe, L Lambert, A Stevens                            19 – 19
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, R Crocker                         19 – 30
P Nagel, T Anderson, M Wheal, C Harmer                          17 – 22

Division Two
Hahndorf won on a forfeit from Mt Barker #2 at Hahndorf
R Bateman, V Deeble, D Turner, C Thompson
W Robertson, J Thompson, R Burton, B Buckingham
A McMahon, M Trubee, A Proeve, J Benham