Wednesday 18th October

Division One
Wednesday Division one travelled to Mt Pleasant. Players put away their wet weather gear and dug out the hats and sunscreen ready for the 30 degree weather. Malcolm Keller’s match was very low scoring as both teams took the lead at multiple times during the day. Afternoon Tea came with the scores tied at seven all. Mt Pleasant came out all guns blazing winning the next five ends and a nine shot lead. Hahndorf fought back to close the gap, with Mt Pleasant winning by 3 shots.

Christine Keller kept the lead all day apart for one end. On the fourth end Hahndorf were nine shots up, Mount pleasant fought back and at afternoon tea Christine’s rink was holding by one shot. After a refreshing drink Hahndorf managed to extend the lead with Mt Pleasant gaining five shots on the last two ends. Hahndorf won by four shots.

Bob Edwards won five shots on the first end. Mt Pleasant ensured that Hahndorf worked for their shots. Both skips went to the mat with some very challenging heads and both were successful in cutting back the heads or taking the shots. Mt Pleasant managed to catch up to Hahndorf and come within two shots. Hahndorf managed to gain seven shots in the last three ends and win by 6.

Altogether Hahndorf won by seven shots.

M. Keller,  M. Wheal,  R. Rattray,  B. Buckingham 15-18
C. Keller,  T. Anderson,  M. Howe,  R. Crocker 26-22
R. Edwards,  C. Edwardes,  G. Evans,  T. Button 24-18

Division Two
This Wednesday saw the Division two team in Woodside. The Woodside green was in splendid condition and during some pre-match ends followed by the roll-up it was noted to be playing quite fast indeed. Weather conditions were as forecast, hot, clear and into the thirties. During the afternoon, overcast conditions came and went a couple of times then returned looking a little threatening. Both Hahndorf and Woodside players were not yet used to the step change in temperature, further into the summer region we would all hopefully have acclimatised somewhat. However, players from both clubs had the same conditions, hats, zinc cream and so on.

Alan’s team started well with a five on end  three. Leading team changed a couple of times stopping at tea-break with an eleven to seventeen deficit. Steve Baker’s team exerted pressure after the break sustenance when Alan’s team were low scoring to finish at sixteen to twenty four.

Con’s squad had a slow scoring start, making their first board entry with a three in end five. At tea-break, about end thirteen Con was looking at a six to fourteen deficit and his players found Steve Tasker’s guys difficult to score against, finishing at eight to twenty eight.

Bill’s boys started slowly then picked up a couple of threes to lead by about the tenth end. Again the lead had changed a couple of times up until tea-break when they were against a thirteen to eighteen shortfall. Peter Magelsdorf’s (Mango) team put some pressure to the Hahndorf guys following tea-break, with Mango able to pick some skilful draw shots into quite tight heads. A couple of dead ends slowed down the progress to leave Bills’ boys with an end shortfall of twenty one to thirty two.

Overall the Hahndorf teams played quite well, but slowly against three better teams on the day. Some skilful bowling by the Woodside teams left Hahndorf with a loss of thirty nine points from scores of forty five to eighty four.

It was an enjoyable afternoon’s bowling on a fine green against some very good opponents. Perhaps we should consider monitoring the cake, biscuit and sugar in the coffee input by our teams? whilst these metabolise only moderately, blood glucose can soar dramatically.

Alan McMahon (s)  John Benham,  Di Bateman,  Tom Hennessey. 16-24
Con Harmer (s)   Di Turner,  Val Deeble,  Pat Wakefield.  8-28
Bill Robertson (s)  Eric Biar,  Rob Burton,  Ron Bateman.  21-32