Two Wins – Great

Division 1 

Hahndorf lost to Oakbank 93 to 58 on Saturday with all rinks losing.

The rinks of Bob Edwards, together with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson  was the only rink competitive, losing 20 to 23.  The match was close all day with Oakbank holding a slender lead throughout, but they drew away on the 23rd end to lead by 5 and Edwards could not come back from there.

Rick Babbidge and his rink of Leo Lambert, Alby Gluyas and Sue Maddern were defeated in the end by 12 shots.  The game was reasonably close early, but the team lost 19 shots over 6 ends from the 10th end and they could not recover.

Phil Nagel’s rink lost shots early in the match and were never a chance losing by about 15 shots.

Division 2

A good win this week has elevated Hahndorf to fifth place on the HBA premiership ladder and indicates that there is still a chance for a berth in the finals, albeit a slim chance.

The team travelled to Oakbank to meet an opposition which has not had a good run all season. With their team being one player short, this bad fortune has seemingly continued.

All Hahndorf rinks adapted to the green well and were in control all afternoon. Graham Evans and Con Harmer won fifteen of the twenty-five ends, Shelly Howe fourteen. The Harmer four scored quickly against Andrew Thiele’s players to be up 15-7 at the thirteenth end. Thereafter they continued to maintain this lead despite a determined effort by the home side. The Evans rink, playing against that of Allen Hughes, led their game by the same margin of 8 shots at the thirteenth. They increased this lead to win the game by ten shots with both teams having fought evenly through the remaining ends. The Shelly Gang, pitted against Trevor Rosenbauer’s reduced rink, almost achieved an “eight” on the tenth end but for the opposition skip’s accuracy with his first bowl. Hahndorf’s winning of ends with bigger numbers carried the day.

Hahndorf has a bye next Saturday. The premiership ladder at the conclusion of that day’s play will no doubt lead to some spirited analysis and predictions about the closing stages of the HBA competition and indeed the finals. Some Hahndorf stalwarts have already ‘done the numbers’.

Division 3

It was hot at Hahndorf and all players were feeling the heat at the end of the day, some more than others.  Pam  was the stand out winner of the “keep cool” competition after an impromptu shower on the 16th and Pat’s ice vest was the fashion accessory of the day.  The games were played in good spirits, with much bantering between the clubs.

Dave Grego, Pam, Dave Thyer and Cheryl – 14-26. The team were kept on their toes early in the game and were behind 4-9 on the 8th, but a great 5 on the 9th put them in the lead and it was even at the break.  Lobethal won most of the remaining ends, sealing victory with a 4 and 5 to eventually beat Hahndorf.   Dave Thyer surprised himself with some very accurate bowling and Cheryl as 3rd has the makings of a good Skip.  Dave Grego summed up the day’s activities with the pithy comment “weather hot, bowls not”!

Allen, Janet, Matthew and Merv – 20-18. This was a closely fought, low scoring tussle all day with Hahndorf being 12-13 down at the break.  Good concentration by the team took the game up to Lobethal on the 18th to be even at 16-16, but Lobethal won the next end with a 2.  A resounding 3 and 1 on the final two ends gave Hahndorf the game in an evenly fought contest.   A Lobethal player glumly advised that Skip Allen was in great form, saving a 5 and a couple of 3s.  Matthew played “exceptionally well” and Janet and Merv both had good games.

Pat, Jenny, Diane and Paul – 35-9. Although Skip Pat had a brain fade (only due to the heat of course) on one end putting the jack on the wrong line (anyone knowing Pat would understand this), the team played beautifully, starting with a 4, 5 and 3.  At the break Hahndorf were 19-3 up continuing in this winning vein to finish 35-9.  Comments re the game included “dream team”, “Paul played beautifully”, “Jenny was excellent”,  “I was just an armchair skip waving my hands around” – and from Lobethal “demoralising”!    Following this win, on the return to the clubrooms of Div 1 and 2 teams, they also also won Rink of the Week (to Shelly’s chagrin)!  A very happy team.

Results were:

Div 1: Hahndorf (4) defeated by Oakbank (7) at Oakbank             56 – 98 
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                                     23 – 37
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                                  20 – 23
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                            13 – 38

Div 2: Hahndorf (7) defeated Oakbank (9) at Oakbank                    90 – 56
C Harmer, M Wheal, J Thompson, B Buckingham                               28 – 21
M Howe, W Robertson, V Deeble, B Engel                                          36 – 19
G Evans, R Bateman, T Button, A Proeve                                            26 – 16

Div 3: Hahndorf (10) defeated Lobethal#2 (6) at Hahndorf               69 – 53  
A McMahon, M Trubee, M Armitage, J Liebelt                                        20 – 18
D Grego, C Thompson, D Thyer, P Grego                                              14 – 26
P Wakefield, P Williams, D Turner, J Benham                                         35 – 9