Two Up to end 2018

A Tight Contest for our Saturday Div 2 Team

Hahndorf hosted Lobethal 2 with all rinks enjoying closely fought games in pleasant weather, albeit a little windy at times.

Con Harmer’s rink won the 1st end, but dropped 4 shots on the 4th end to be down 3-7. They subsequently got in front on the 10th end with a 3 and stayed in front until 24th, when they were down 19-20.  A Hahndorf score of 1 on the last end levelled the match at 20-20. Con won 13 ends to Lobethal’s 12 and his rink’s biggest lead was 6 shots after 16 ends.

Graham Evans’ four won 11 of 25 ends, including a 6 on the 4th. Graham was never headed, but the Lobethal team fought back, levelling the score on the 23rd and then again on the final end to produce a draw.

In Bill Robertson’s rink the lead changed 3 times in the first 8 ends with scores level after 13 ends.  Bill won 7 of first 13 ends, but increased this total to 15 after 25 ends.

Overall, this was a pleasing result, given our previous encounter with Lobethal 2 at Lobethal where Hahndorf was defeated by 13 shots.  We gained 12 HBA competition points placing us just outside of the four in the premiership table.

Like many teams this close to Christmas, Lobethal and Hahndorf had new faces in their Div 2 ranks and/or bowlers undertaking different roles.  Thank you to Pat, Adam, Di and Mathew for your contributions to a good afternoon of bowling.

On the first Saturday in the New Year Div 2 will travel to Gumeracha. (as supplied by Paul Williams)

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Meadows at Hahndorf                        88 – 54
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                         45 – 6
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                     27 – 17
P Nagel, C Rowe, M Wheal, T Anderson                               16 – 31

Hahndorf defeated Lobethal #2 at Hahndorf                      68 – 56
C Harmer, P Wakefield, A Proeve, D Turner                           20 – 20
G Evans, T Button, M Armitage, B Engel                                23 – 23
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Williams, B Buckingham            25 – 13

Division Three
Hahndorf lost to Uraidla #2 at Uraidla                               38 – 101
T Hennessey, M Trubee, D Thyer, D Davis                               9 – 44
D Grego, P Grego, sub, J Benham                                          22 – 25
A Button, S Engel, sub, J Liebelt                                               7 – 32