Three Wins…to finish Saturdays!

What a wonderful way to finish the Saturday Pennant Season!  Our three teams had excellent wins which was followed by a most enjoyable and successful social function back at the Clubrooms.

Division One made it three in a row with a sound win over Mt Pleasant by twelve shots.  Rick Babidge’s rink found form and have a runaway win by fifteen shots.  Christine Keller’s rink had a battle royal which culminated in a twenty four all draw.  Bob Edward’s rink made a charge back to the front after a slow start but fell short by three shots at the end.
The team finished in fifth place, one win and eight shots away from fourth.

Division Two got home in a nail-biting finish by one shot.  Bill Robertson’s rink returned to form with a resounding win by sixteen shots.  Ray Rattray and Carolyne Edwardes’ rinks had a difficult time going down by seven and eight shots respectively.
Whilst finishing in seventh place they had equal number of wins with the fifth and sixth placed teams.

Division Three also came home with a win over Mt Pleasant by ten shots.  They needed to win all rinks to get back in the four but fell short by two points.  Ron Bateman’s rink again starred with a seventeen shot win which was enough to cover Tom Hennessey and Tali Buttons’s rinks three and four shot losses.
Finishing in fifth place two points outside the four but with one extra win, the the team is to be congratulated on their performances throughout the year.  With a considerable change to the team each week they aquitted themselves very well.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf     74 – 62

C. Keller, M. Keller, L. Lambert, T. Anderson                            24 – 24
R Babidge, R. Mableson, C. Button, G. Evans                          31 – 16
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, S. Maddern, R. Crocker                         19 – 22

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf       56 – 55

W. Robertson, M. Wheal, J. Benham, B. Buckingham                28 – 12
R. Rattray, A. McMahon, V. Deeble, A. Button                            13 – 20
C. Edwardes, C. Rowe, S. Brooks, D. Davis                               15 – 23

Division 3 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant       58 – 48

T. Hennessey, P Williams, R. Burton, M. Armitage                         16 – 19
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, B. Shields, J. Liebelt                              29 – 12
T. Button, P. Wakefield, D. Turner, R. Munday                                 13 – 17