Three Up – Fantastic!!

The tide turned suddenly on Saturday with all teams winning their respective matches after the first three rounds only returning just one win.

Division One had a comfortable win with Bill Fairley and Malcolm Keller home by seventeen and fifteen shots apiece. Christine Keller’s rink came from behind nearing the end to win by two shots.  The win moved the team up to sixth on the premiership ladder.

Hahndorf  defeated Meadows at Hahndorf                79 – 45
C. Keller,  R. Edwards,  L. Lambert,  T. Anderson          23 – 21
M. Keller,  R. Mableston,  C. Button,  S. Maddern          29 – 14
W. Fairley,  P. Nagel,  R. Babidge,  R. Crocker               27 – 10

Division Two had a solid win over an undermanned Meadows side winning by a massive seventy seven shots.  Whilst the scores were large the sportsmanship between the sides was first class.  Bill Robertson’s rink scored an eight – congratulations. Now moving up to seventh position the team will take on ninth placed Oakbank next week.

Hahndorf  defeated Meadows at Hahndorf                    101 – 24
R. Rattray, G Evans, A. McMahon, V Deeble                         34 – 6
W. Robertson,  C. Rowe,  A Gluyas,  B. Buckingham            33 – 9
M. Wheal,  C. Edwards,  S. Brooks,  M Howe                         34 – 9

Division Three followed up their win last week by defeating Lenswood at Lenswood by four shots.  Sporting four new players to our Club, the team has jumped up the premiership ladder to be in fourth place.  Tom Hennesey had a strong win by seven shots with Ron Bateman sneaking home by two shots.  Con Harmer got with one shot within two ends to play but lost four shots to go down by five shots.

Hahndorf  defeated Lenswood at Lenswood                      50 – 46
C. Harmer,  P. Wakefield, J Thompson, J. Benham                 12 – 17
R. Bateman,  P Williams,  B. Shields,  M Armitage                   18 – 16
T. Hennessey,  T Button, D. Turner,  C Thompson                    20 – 13