Three rinks up!!

Division One

Three rinks up on a blustery day was a great result for our top division.   The win consolidated their fourth position on the premiership ladder albeit equal second by only four points.

Winds were so unpredictable that once the bowl left the hand it could be blown out of bounds on the either side of the rink.

Bob Edwards laid the foundation by eclipsing Lenswood’s Michael Glasson leading from the start.  Up 16 – 3 midway they continued the pressure to win by sixteen shots. Rick Babidge and Phil Nagel had their hands full with Lenswood’s father and son, Wayne and Scott Pittaway with the lead changing hands continually throughout their games.  Maintaining their concentration, Babidge and Nagel’s rinks got home by four and three shots respectively.

Next week Hahndorf meet Uraidla at Uraidla.

Division Two


Next week Hahndorf meet Uraidla at Uraidla.

Division Three

Division Three met third placed Meadows and went down heavily.  Playing in some of the worst weather conditions seen for many years, David Grego’s rink recovered from a slow start to match his Meadow’s skipper, Jan Corbell, after the break only to go down by seven shots.  Tom Hennessey and Tali Button met stronger Meadow’s rinks of Lois Klaebsch and John Edmonds and went down by thirteen and fourteen shots respectively.

Next week the team meets Uraidla #1 at Hahndorf.

Results were:

Hahndorf defeated Lenswood at Lenswood                  84 – 61
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                    27 – 23
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                 33 – 17
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                           24 – 21

Hahndorf v BYE
C Harmer, A McMahon, R Munday, B Buckingham
G Evans, V Deeble, C Thompson, B Engel
W Robertson, R Bateman, D Turner, J Thompson 

Division Three
Hahndorf lost to Meadows at Hahndorf                          42 – 76
T Hennessey, D Bateman, D Thyer, J Liebelt                     14 – 27
T Button, M Armitage, M Trubee,  P Grego                        14 – 28
D Grego, P Wakefield, S Engel, J Benham                        14 – 21