Third Division Winners!!

Division Three

Congratulations to Ron Bateman and his team on a great win against Gumeracha at Gumeracha.  Ron and Con Harmer getting home by 9 and 8 shots respectively while Tom Hennessy had a harder day going down by 10 shots.  It is great to see this team have win and jump up the ladder.

Results:  Hahndorf defeated Gumeracha 58 – 51 

Ron Bateman (s), Di Bateman, Barbara Shields, Janet Liebelt         22 – 13
Con Harmer (s), Pat Wakefield, Barry Engel, Jennie Benham           22 – 14
Tom Hennessey (s), Rob Burton, Diane Turner, Matthew Armitage      14 – 24

Division One

Our team came within a whisker of defeating the undefeated Gumeracha team going down by 4 shots on a tricky, windy and “we wish the sun would come out” day.  The lead varied all day with Gumeracha getting the upper had late although Malcolm and Christine Kellers’ rinks held the advantage at the end winning by 3 and 4 shots respectively.  With Malcolm having two ends to play and gaining four shots on the second last end brought the gap to just three.  Unfortunately Gumeracha scored one shot on the last end.

Results were: Hahndorf defeated by Gumeracha 61 – 64

Christine Keller (s), Bob Edwards, Leo lambert, Tim Anderson       20 – 17
Malcolm Keller (s), Roger Mableson, Chris Button, Sue Maddern   24 – 20
Bill Fairley (s), Phil Nagel, Rick Babidge, Richard Crocker              17 – 28

Division Two

Our team met the also undefeated Gumeracha team and unfortunately went down by 17 shots.  President Bill Robertson won a hard battle by 4 shots whilst Michael Wheal, after being up early by 9 shots went down by 9 shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink had a torrid time against by a very hot Gumeracha rink and lost by 12 shots.

Results were: Hahndorf defeated by Gumeracha 54 – 71

Ray Rattray (s), Allen McMahon, Graham Evans, Shelly Howe            17 – 29
Bill Robertson (s), Chris Rowe, Val Deeble, Brian Buckingham             21 – 17
Michael Wheal (s), Carolyne Edwardes, Scott Brooks, Paul Williams    16 – 25