Strong win over Lenswood

Division 1 

Hahndorf had a good win in Division 1 bowls defeating Lenswood 80 shots to 87 .  With 2 rinks up a valuable 12 premiership points were earnt to stay in touch with the final four.

Rick Babidge’s rink with Leo Lambert, Shelly Howe and Sue Maddern led the way wining 33 to 13.  Scores were even after 7 ends, but the rink put on pressure from that point to score 8 shots over the next 4 ends and steadily moved away for the rest of the game.

Bob Edwards rink with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson  also had a good win 23 to 19.  The rink struggled early and were behind at the drinks break by 2 shots.   Leader Richard enjoyed his sandwiches and came out refreshed leading the rink to win the 6 ends after the break with 11 shots scored.  Edwards was able to hang on from that point.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button had a close match but went down by one shot 24 to 25.  They scored 11 shots over the first 3 ends, but this lead was cut back over the next 5 ends.  Nagel led by 2 shots coming into the last end, but Lenswood were able to draw 3 good shots to come out winners.

Division 3

It was a nice warm day at Meadows with the added interest of a plume of smoke appearing in the distance, in line with the end of the green, which caused a little concern.  Apparently it was a bushfire at Jupiters’ Creek, quickly brought under control by the CFS and water bomber.

Allen McMahon’s team of Matthew Armitage, Shaz Engel and Jeff Thompson had a slow start to be 1-6 on the 4th, but winning 3 of the next 4 ends saw them at 7 all on the 8th.  Meadows retaliated with 6 of the next 7 ends to be 17-9 at the break.  Afternoon tea proved a boon for Hahndorf who came out fighting with a 3, 1 and 2 on the first three ends to be 15-17 on the 17th.  Meadows won the next end with Hahndorf now 3 behind, but a brilliant effort by Hahndorf on the 19th made the score even with 18 apiece.  The tussle continued with each team winning an end, making the final score 19-19.  Great bowling Hahndorf, well done!

Dave Grego’s team consisted of Jennie Benham, Dave Thyer and Cheryl Thompson.  Meadows were in front from the beginning but Hahndorf won 5 ends in a row to be 8-7 on the 10th.  That seemed to inspire Meadows who won the next six ends making the score 8-16 on the 16th.  Not sure what was in the water bottles, but a very focused Hahndorf then decided to show Meadows just who they were dealing with and on the last three ends scored a 6, 2 and another 2 to fall just short of victory with a final score of 17-19.  Great fight back.

Unfortunately, Tom Hennessey’s team of Diane Turner, Rhonda Munday and Paul Williams didn’t fare as well, not  scoring until the 8th end, but winning two more ends to be 4-14 on the 12th.  Meadows produced a 6 on the 13th and Hahndorf retaliated with a 4, the score being 8-20 on the 14th.  After the break, Meadows achieved another 6 and a 4 with Hahndorf managing only two more ends of a 2 and 4 to get to double figures by the 17th.  Although we were soundly beaten by a better team, we did have several ends where we had a chance of a 4 or 5, but the last bowls trumped us,  and the final score was a disappointing 14-34.  Paul Williams was our most consistent player, with both Diane and Rhonda earning “hat off” accolades from Tom.

Meadows are currently 4th in the competition so a draw and a loss by only 2 points was a good result on the day.

Results were:

Div 1: Hahndorf (6) defeated  Lenswood (9) at Hahndorf           80 – 57

R Babidge, S Maddern, S Howe, L Lambert                                    33 – 13
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                               23 – 19
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                         24 – 25

Div 2: Hahndorf (5) v BYE

Div 3: Hahndorf (9) defeated by Meadows (4) at Meadows         50 – 72     
T Hennessey, P Williams, R Munday, D Turner                                14 – 34
D Grego, C Thompson, D Thyer, J Benham                                     17 – 19
A McMahon, J Thompson, S Engel. M Armitage                              19 – 19