Sponsorship acknowledgements

The Club is pleased to acknowledge the sponsorships of Michael Bowman, of Michael Bowman Accounting, and our auditor, for his kind donation of $100 towards the establishment of this website and Nairne Pharmacy for its support of $250.

The Nairne Pharmacy recently updated all of our first aid equipment.

Michael has recently expanded his accounting practise to include financial planning, so if any member needs advise please give him a call on 08 83887954.

The Nairne Community Pharmacy is owned by a young married couple Rachel and Cia-Cen Lim.  While this pharmacy holds strong focused values and principles, it offers a great range of products at competitive prices.

Rachel and Cia-Cen Lim are practising pharmacists in the Adelaide Hills and South Coast.

Cia-Cen Lim has special interest in integrative healthcare which involves treating disease conditions using combination herbals, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Rachel is an accredited pharmacist who provides Home Medicine Reviews in liaison with local GPs and the community.