Sponsor Spot

My son, Tom and I have recently purchased the IGA at Hanhdorf. We love this part of the world, the Adelaide Hills has a real charm and we especially like Hahndorf and it’s very friendly community.

That’s why we decided to join the Hahndorf summer lawn bowls competition on Tuesday nights. We have entered two IGA teams (all rookies) and there is a strong feeling among the crowd that we may not win the end of season trophy. Having said that, on the first night of the comp, one of our teams won the night, there must have been a lot of beginner’s luck in the air that night. It was great fun and there is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Chris Button does a great job. He possibly could think about hosting his own TV show!

Come along and try our “new” IGA shop. Check out the changes. It’s good value shopping with friendly folk like Tom and me and our great staff.  We would love to meet you so do come in and say g’day.

Pete Ratcliffe