So Close at Lobethal

First Division

Top Side Lobethal was given a fright by Hahndorf who were in a winning position at the eighteenth end.  At the break, all Hahndorf rinks were up overall by ten shots however Lobethal continued to make inroads with the margin reduced to seven shots with three ends to play.  A nine shot overall loss by Hahndorf rinks put Lobethal in front by two shots which was reduced over the final two ends to three shots.

Bob Edward’s rink had a great start leading by as much as nine shots over Joe Conti only to see it reduced to one shot by a change to “long ends” with one end to play.  Phil Nagel and Chris Buttons’ rinks, against Lobethal’s Wayne Zilm and Kevin Shulz respectively, were always in the game with the lead changing hands continually throughout the game.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf (6) defeated by Lobethal (1) at Lobethal         54 – 57
C Button, S Howe, D Grego, A Stevens                              16 – 18
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, R Crocker                         20 – 18
P Nagel, R Mableson, C Thompson, T Anderson                18 – 21

Division Two

Hahndorf (7) defeated Uraidla (6) at Uraidla                     60 – 49
C Harmer, M Wheal, P Wakefield, J Thompson                    18 – 17
R Bateman, T Hennessey, A McMahon, B Buckingham       19 – 15
W Robertson, V Deeble, A Prove, E Biar                              23 – 17