Second Division Winners

Division One
Hahndorf hosted Woodside and after twelve ends were within two shots. The day was not decided until late in the day with Hahndorf’s Chris Button in front by seven shots covering Bob Edward’s rink who went down by a similar number of shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink were nine shots down with three ends to play but scored a two and four on the next two ends to draw within three shots with one end to play.   Several attempts to move the jack to four neatly placed bowls missed and Woodside’s Steve Baker got home by five shots to give Woodside the win.
Nest week Hahndorf meet Oakbank at Oakbank.

Division Two
Playing Meadows at Hahndorf second division had an excellent win, getting home by fourteen shots.  Bill Robertson stayed on the winners list getting home over Meadows John Edmonds by nine shots.   Two fours in the first two ends got his rink away to a handy lead which they continued to build throughout the day.  Shelly Howe met Garth Saunders and also got away to an early lead although it was eroded to three shots after thirteen ends.  However sound bowling saw her home by seven shots.  Tom Hennessey and Meadow’s Heath Raymond had a battle all day, recovering from a poor start to be one shot up at the break only to go down by two shots.
Next week Hahndorf meet second placed Mt Barker No2 at Mt Barker.

Results were

Division One
Hahndorf lost to Woodside at Hahndorf                             51 – 56                            
C Button, T Anderson, D Grego, A Stevens                            21 – 14
R Edwards, M Wheal, R Bateman, R Crocker                        14 – 21
R Rattray, G Evans, A McMahon, C Harmer                           17 – 22

Division Two  
Hahndorf defeated Meadows at Hahndorf                          58 – 44
S Howe, V Deeble, C Thompson, J Benham                          21 – 14
T Hennessey, P Wakefield, L Lambert, E Biar                        15 – 17
W Robertson, J Thompson, M Trubee, B Buckingham           22 – 13