Sausage Sizzle Great Success!!!

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Our sausage sizzle held last Saturday was a great success.  Not only did we make a valuable profit but distributed over 250 Club Flyers to members of the public.  Just on 860 sausages were sold, however one sausage was sold without bread and onions!!  This one was for a lady’s dog who politely begged and was given their reward.

All Club members, Carolyne Edwardes, Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Con Harmer, Michael Wheal, Chris Rowe, Vic Liebelt, Brain Buckingham, Tom Hennessey, Allen McMahon and yours truly had a great time.

The highlight of the day was that we had brought 35Kgs of sausages which is recommended by Bunnings.  At 12.25pm Michael rang me to advise that we would run out of sausages by 1.30pm and that he had already bought 5 extra loaves of bread.  Quickly jumping to attention and calling Noske Meats, a trip there provided 5kgs more (at no cost), Coles and IGA for more plus another five loaves of bread.

In the end we had one small amount over.  Our and my thanks to everyone who did such a great job throughout the day.

Put your name on the notice in the Clubrooms or give me a call (0419 804 418) for our next one on Friday 26th August.  They are great fun!!