Saturdays Results

Saturday provided a real movement of players with many missing due to injury, health, funerals etc. with over eight bowlers not available for this round.  With much ringing around, no reserves were available so our third division went in two players down.  Our thanks to Alby Gluyas who has had recent surgery on his right hand and played with his other hand to support our team.

We also welcomed new bowler, Rhonda Munday to our club and she aquitted herself well under the circumstances.

Well done to all teams and rinks on your efforts – hopefully I will be back soon as I take on this  bronchial pneumonia thing.

Saturday 22nd October 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                   83 – 60
Christine Keller, Bill Fairley, Leo Lambert, Tim Anderson                                35 – 14
Malcolm Keller, Roger Mableson, Rick Babidge, Jamie Burt                            24 – 21
Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Chris Rowe, Chris Button                                         24 – 25

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                     80 – 50
Ray Rattray, Kevin Spalding, Di Bateman, Brian Buckingham                           26 – 17
Scott Brooks, Carolyne Edwardes, David Davis, Jean Wagnitz                         29 – 14
Michael Wheal, Bill Robertson, Tali Button, Richard Crocker                             25 – 19

Division 3 Hahndorf lost to Lobethal at Mt Barker                                 47 – 76    
Tom Hennessey, Val Deeble, ……………, Jennie Benham                                 14 – 30
Jim Howe, Pat Wakefield, Rhonda Munday, Alby Gluyas                                     21 – 23
Allan McMahon, Barbara Shields,……..,Eric Bair                                                 12 – 23