Saturday Winners All Divisions

It was a great weekend for our teams with wins in all divisions.  Division one winning by a commanding 34 shots, division two 13 shots and division four by a massive 39 shots.

Div 1 & 2 played at home in gusty winds making shot play somewhat difficult. From Div 4 Tom Hennessey’s rink certainly laid claim to Rink of the Week with an enormous 33 shot win.

Division One
Barry Rimmer returned to skipping with an excellent 20 shot win whilst Phil Nagel’s rink came home by 13 shots.  Christine Keller had a close battle getting across the line by a solitary shot.
Next week they play Mt Barker at Mt Barker.  Currently Mt Barker sit in fifth place whilst we are top.

Division Two
Michael Wheal and Scott Brooks’ rinks had resounding wins by 17 and 12 shots respectively.  Bill Robertson’s rink unfortunately went down by 16 shots.
Mt Barker’s team are undefeated on top whilst we are third.  Should make for an excellent contest.

Division Four
Another excellent win by our division four team which is top of the ladder.  Tom and Allens’ rinks accounted for their rivals by 39 and 6 shots respectively.   Next week Hahndorf, top meets Lobethal, second at Woodside.    Another great game ensures.

Division 1  Hahndorf defeated Oakbank at Hahndorf                     82 – 48 shots

Barry Rimmer (skip), Malcolm Keller, Roger Mableson, Tim Anderson            31 – 11
Phillip Nagel (skip), Bob Edwards, Chris Button, Vic Liebelt                             28 – 15
Christine Keller (skip), Leo Lambert, Carolyne Edwardes, Kathy Miller            23 – 22

Division 2  Hahndorf defeated Oakbank at Hahndorf                     83 – 70 shots 

Michael Wheal (skip), Con Harmer, Brian Buckingham, Graham Evans             34 – 17
Scott Brooks (skip) Chris Rowe, Jim Howe, Jean Wagnitz                                  34 – 22
Bill Robertson (skip), Greg Miller, Di Bateman, Val Deeble                                 15 – 31

Division 4  Hahndorf defeated Meadows at Lobethal                        58 – 19 shots  

Tom Hennessey (skip), Ron Bateman, Pat Wakefield, Ray Hoffman                    40 –  7
Allen McMahon (skip), Ken Wilson, David Davis, Jennie Benham                        18 – 12