Saturday Round Two

Division One
Division one travelled to Lenswood this week. Phil Nagel’s rink comes out firing winning the first couple of ends. Lenswood warmed up and played well until afternoon tea. Hahndorf finished strong winning seven out of the last ten ends. Despite our strong finish Lenswood’s Larwy Meikle’s rink managed to come away with a win.

By the fifth end, Malcolm Keller was leading Wayne Pittway 10-0. Hahndorf and Lenswood battled it out all day with some close heads. Malcolm and his team worked hard at limiting their opposition to scoring ones or twos for almost the entire game. Hahndorf finished seven shots up.

Bob Edwards had a tough day at the office against David Moate. Hahndorf showed their competitive nature going into afternoon tea and worked hard in the last half to close the gap on the Lenswood side.

P. Nagel, R. Babidge, C. Rowe, R, Crocker 21-27
M. Keller, R. Mableson, C. Button, S. Maddern 26- 19
R. Edwards, C. Keller, L. Lambert, T. Anderson 11-26

Division Two

Division Two had a long day at Mount Barker with all games finishing late. Michael Wheal’s rink fought hard against Mount Barker. Although Hahndorf managed to win six consecutive ends with Daren Ardlie’s rink having a two-shot advantage.  Despite Hahndorf putting up a good fight, it was Mount Barker that took out the win.

Bill Robertson had a competitive match against Kevin Fort. With the lead changing a couple of times during the day. The sandwiches seemed to help Hahndorf to take the lead for the second time in the match, finishing with a five-shot win.

Ray Rattray had a close match with the lead changing five times in the first 10 ends. Hahndorf going in for afternoon tea with the lead. Mount Barker kept us on our toes managing to gain a lead of four with four ends to go. With winning the next two ends Hahndorf had a one-shot lead into the end. However, Mount Barker managed to win the last end and the game.

M. Wheal, C. Edwards, R. Munday, P. Williams 17-28
W. Robertson, A. Gluyas, V. Deeble, B. Buckingham 21-16
R. Rattray, A. McMahon, D. Bateman, M. Armitage 21-22

Division Three

Division three had their first home game Against Lobethal 2. Ron Bateman’s Hahndorf Team took the lead early in the day. With some very tough heads, both teams worked hard for their shots. The score did not resemble the competitive day, Ron’s Rink won eleven ends out of the twenty-one played. Hahndorf worked hard on cutting down Graeme Kluske’s winning heads to extend the final score to seven shots.

Con Harmer played a strong Loby side. Hahndorf did their best to win ends all day. Hahndorf were putting down some great bowls and made sure that Lobethal worked for all their shots. Hahndorf managed to come out after afternoon tea with a four but Loby won the day.

Tom Hennessy had a low scoring match against Mary Matthews. Hahndorf kept the lead all day with their opponents hot on their collars. The thirteenth end Loby tied the match, with Hahndorf responding with a four the next end. Hahndorf finished strong winning by 5 shots.

R. Bateman, T. Button, B. Shields, J. Liebelt 21-14
C. Harmer, R. Burton, B. Engel, J Benham 10-23
T. Hennessey, P. Wakefield, J. Thompson, D. Turner 19-14