Regional Championship Pairs

Regional Championships were played at Murray Bridge on Sunday 19th March.

The Hills Association was represented by Carolyne Edwardes and Christine Keller (Sk) in the Ladies Pairs.  They played Helen Turner and Denise Barnes from Mannum and representing Lower Murray.  Southern Mallee was not represented in this event.

On a slick green rolling at about 16 seconds the Mannum girls picked up the pace immediately and soon had bowls surrounding the jack.  Never the less the Hills girls some how managed to pick up a two on the first end by moving the jack.  However, they promptly dropped a four and were then looking at dropping a further 5 on the next end when Christine drove into the head with her last bowl and achieved a three.  From that point on they steadily built on their lead despite determined opposition.  Good draw bowling by the Mannum girls provided them with opportunities, including one situation in which they were holding 4 or five shots in a tight head only to be denied by a well directed shot from Carolyne.  The final score of 15 – 8 in favor of  our Hills representatives fails to reflect the high quality bowling by both teams.

Congratulations to Carolyne and Christine in winning this prestigious event.