PrintDear fellow members of the Hahndorf Bowling Club.  At a recent committee meeting it was raised that we need to work to encourage members of the hills community to “give bowls a try” and enlarge our bowler base.  To ensure we have 24 bowlers available on Wednesdays and in particular 36 on Saturdays we need to have a member base of at least 50 to cover health, family, work and other commitments unavailability.

Currently we have 42 registered bowlers.  And for the second week we have to cover both Wednesday and Saturday’s teams with subs.

There is no better time than now to start the process of encouraging your friends, neighbours, members of other sporting clubs how may be at the end of one sporting career and would like to continue in a competitive area, to “give bowls a try”.  Even our Knight Bowlers may provide future members.  Age should not be a barrier and any young person should also be encouraged.

We all need to do our bit to build our base of bowlers if we want our club to remain vibrant and competitive.  When “selling” our Club, we should encourage involvement that suits them – that may mean  playing as suits their family commitments and not every week as may be their perception.  We need to think outside the square to get bowlers to our club.  If you have an idea then let’s hear about it.

If you know anyone that may come from any of the Hahndorf sporting clubs who might be looking for a change bring them out!!

Let’s work together to build our Club as the Bowling Club of choice in the Hills!!