Race on for finals spots!!

The race for a finals spot has heated up after both Division one and two won their respective rounds over a dogged Oakbank.  Division one maintained its fourth position whilst Division two moved up to third.  Next week both teams meet Uraidla at Uraidla who can not be underestimated.

In Division One Christine and Malcolm Keller’s rinks had wins with Phil Nagel going down after a tight match with his opponent.

Division Two had all rinks up with Bill Robertson winning by 11 shots to take the “Rink of the Week”.

Division Three won on a forfiet over Oakbank and moved up a spot to eighth on the ladder.  Next week they meet Uraidla #1 who are just one win in front of them in sixth place.

Results were: 

Saturday  18th February 2017
Division 1 Hahndorf (4) defeated Oakbank (6)                                        81 – 74
Christine Keller, Bill Fairley, Tim Anderson, Richard Crocker                      31 – 21
Malcolm Keller, Rick Babidge, Jamie Burt, Shelly Howe                              31 – 27
Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Carolyne Edwardes, Chris Button                       19 – 26

Division 2 Hahndorf  (4) defeated Oakbank(8)                                           88 – 64  
Bill Robertson, Kevin Spalding, Brian Buckingham, Ron Bateman                 32 – 21
Michael Wheal, Scott Brooks, Tom Hennessey, Eric Biar                               29 – 22
Ray Rattray, Chris Rowe, Di Bateman, Tali Button                                          27 – 21

Division 3 Hahndorf (9) won on forfeit Oakbank (12)
Allan McMahon, Pat Wakefield, Jean Wagnitz, Matthew Armitage
Con Harmer, Barbara Shields, Rhonda Munday, Jennie Benham
Val Deeble, Martin Corner, Pam Grego, Janet Liebelt