When you head out on the green for a practice session what are you focusing on?  What is the objective of your session?

If you don’t have a specific objective in mind then you aren’t practicing, you’re having a roll-up!  (There is nothing wrong with going out and rolling up with your mates – but don’t confuse it with a practice session.)

At every practice session focus on and practice one specific thing that you want to improve in your game.

Practice it with INTENTION and CONCENTRATION, mentally VISUALISING or rehearsing while you practice and thus experiencing the ‘feel’ of the delivery in your body.  That’s deliberate practice!

Do that for 40 minutes to an hour – and then have a roll-up with your mates if you want.


We have spoken previously about the 40 Bowl Test and the Grouping Drill.  Below are links to the Scoring Sheets for both drills as well as 3 other drills used by many elite coaching programs to enable their bowlers to monitor their skill development.  Do these on a regular basis and record your results.  You can then learn about your strengths and weaknesses and strive to improve.  If you are getting around 30-35% is good.  Any better, great!!

Push yourself to improve each time you do one of the tests to create some ‘positive stress’ in your training.  Challenge your comfort zone when you practice and ensure you focus on CONCENTRATION, VISUALISATION, and INTENTION.  You will then be developing good habits to take into match day.

40 Bowl Draw Drill

Drive – Draw Drill

Grouping Drill

Jack and 2 Bowl Drill

Weight Control Drill


Club Coaches, Micheal Wheal (0421 032 145) and Graham Evans (0419 804 418) are available to provide extra support to any member who considers they are having difficulty with their bowling.   It may only be for 15 minutes and the problem is solved.  Please don’t be backward in coming forward!!