Parking Top Car Park

The Committee has become concerned about the over-use and overcrowding in the top car park and is concerned that the situation is becoming unsafe.

With that in mind, this car park has been remarked to clearly show two disabled zones and three loading zones, with the remaining spaces marked as reserved parking.

The use of the disabled and loading zones is self-explanatory. The Committee asks that the remaining “reserved” spaces be left for our older and/or less mobile members who would have difficulty negotiating the ramp from the bottom car park.

From now on all able-bodied members are requested to use the bottom car park at all times unless using the loading zones to unload goods etc.

The only exception to this rule will be for the sandwich makers on a pennant day or helpers at night bowls or other functions who may use one of the four spaces in the south-west corner of the car park by the bowls shed if they wish.

The Committee thanks all members in advance for their cooperation in this matter