Operation K9

Members are invited to participate in a fundraiser by the Largs Bay RSL at Semaphore Bowing Club in support of Operation K9.  The event will be held on Sunday 2nd April 2017.

Details of the event are located on Facebook:


Operation K9 is a joint program provided by two not-for-profit organisations; the South Australian Branch of the Returned & Services League (RSL SA) and the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB). Operation K9 dogs are provided to Veterans of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) who have a diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An Operation K9 dog is an accredited assistance dog that can provide benefits in terms of companionship, independence and assistance in social situations as well as range of client specific tasks tailed to the veteran’s needs. It costs in excess of $25,000 to breed, raise and train each Operation K9 dog. RSL SA hopes this initiative with the RSB an be developed nation-wide to help all returned service men and women with PTSD