One Round to Go?????

Next weeks matches for Division One and Two against Mt Baker will provide a nail biting finish to the minor round with wins critical to the outcome of the premiership table.  Both teams are sitting precariously in fourth and third positions respectively but only a win will ensure they play finals.  Best of luck to both our teams

Division three met third ranked Mt Marker #1 to Mt Barker.  Unfortunately they were over-run in the end with Con Hamer’s rink providing resistance with a win by four shots.

Results were:

Saturday 4th March 2017
Division One Hahndorf defeated by Gumeracha                               71 – 72
Malcolm Keller, Roger Mableson, Rick Babidge, Jamie Burt                  27 – 19
Phil Nagel. Bob Edwards, Chris Button, Richard Crocker                       20 – 32
Christine Keller, Bill Fairley, Tim Anderson, Alby Gluyas                         24 – 21

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Gumeracha                                           73 – 69
Bill Robertson, Carolyne Edwardes, Allan McMahon, Ron Bateman        15 – 22
Scott Brooks, Kevin Spalding. Tom Hennessey, Brian Buckingham         34 – 27
Ray Rattray, Chris Rowe, Di Bateman, Shelly Howe                                 24 – 20

Division 3 Hahndorf  defeated by Mt Barker #1                                      36 – 89
Val Deeble, Rhonda Munday, Edward Zielke, Eric Biar                              13 – 26
Can Harmer, David Grego, Pam Grego, Jennie Benham                            19 – 15
Tali Button Martin Corner, Matthew Armitage, Saifon Marquis-Hames          4 – 48

Wednesday  8th March 2017

Both Division One and Two had comfortable wins over their opponents. Division one maintained their fourth position on the ladder and meet second placed Lobethal at home next week.  Division two, whilst out of the finals race, meet third placed Mt Barker at home and can provide them with strong opposition.

Results were:

Wednesday  8th March 2017
Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Uraidla                                                        72 – 50 
Malcolm Keller, Chris Button, Carolyne Edwardes, Brain Buckingham          29 – 18
Chrstine Keller, Michael Wheal, Ray Rattray, Shelly Howe                            29 – 10
Bob Edwards, Chris Rowe, Jamie Burt, Tali Button                                        15 – 22

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Meadows                                                      87 – 37
Bill Robertson, Di Bateman, sub, Jennie Benham                                            26 – 14
Con Harmer, Ron Bateman, Tom Hennessey, Eric Biar                                   33 – 11
Kevin Spalding, Val Deeble, Pat Wakefield, sub                                               28 – 12