Oh so close!!

Wednesday pennant completed the minor round with both of our teams finishing fifth place.  Second division needed to win all three rinks but narrowly missed getting in the four by one point.  Top division missed by seven points.

However it was a great way to finish this part of the season with a win over two teams that will play in the finals.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf (6) defeated Woodside (4) at Hahndorf           61 – 51
C Button, L Lambert, D Grego, A Stevens                           25 – 14
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, B Engel                            21 – 15
P Nagel, C Rowe, S Howe, T Anderson                              15 – 22

Division Two

Hahndorf (6) defeated Lobethal (4) at Hahndorf             51 – 49
C Harmer, M Wheal, P Wakefield, J Thompson                   21 – 13
R Bateman, T Hennessey, A McMahon, E Biar                   13 – 20
W Robertson, V Deeble, A Prove, C Thompson                  18 – 16