Oh So Close!!

Division One

In excellent bowling conditions, our team came within two shots of defeating top side, Lobethal, at Hahndorf.    Bob Edward’s rink held sway throughout the day, getting off to a 9-0 start, however Lobethal continued to fought back but the Hahndorf rink finished the day 6 up.
Christine Keller’s rink started slowly and were struggling to make any headway but turned the tables to get their noses in front late in the game. Needing three on their last end to get Hahndorf home tight bowling from both sides saw our team score a one.
Malcolm Keller had a similar start to Christine and again fought back strongly to get within five shots but Lobethal steadied and held on by those 5 shots.

Hahndorf  lost to Lobethal at Hahndorf         56 – 58

M. Keller,  M. Wheal,  R. Rattray,  B. Buckingham   17 – 22
C. Keller,  T. Anderson,  M. Howe,  R. Crocker           22 – 25
R. Edwards,  C. Edwardes,  L Lambert, G Evans        17 – 11

Division Two

Our teams showed they were capable to matching it with a top side and by afternoon tea were within striking distance of causing an upset against a strong Lobethal team. Our teams were only a few shots down at this stage, how-ever something in the coffee or tea, particularly for Con Harmer’s rink, changed the result Lobethal’s way.
Bill Robertson’s team had a close battle all day getting home by one shot and Allen McMahon, holding three shots for the win, with the Lobethal skipper’s last bowl to come, saw the bowl get a front wick and change the result the other way.

Hahndorf  lost to Lobethal at Hahndorf          50 – 67 

W. Robertson,  R. Bateman,  T Steven,  E. Biar           21 – 20
A. McMahon,  T. Henessey,  J Liebelt,  J. Benham     18 – 21
C. Harmer,  P. Wakefield,  V. Deeble,  D. Turner        11 – 26