Oh so close!!!

Division one came within four shots of creating an upset in their match against top side Mt Barker.  Malcolm Keller’s rink won by a massive margin of 13 shots but was not able to cover the losses of Christine Keller and Bob Edwards’ rinks. Next weeks match against Uraidla now ranks most important as a win will ensure we play in the finals.

Division two made Lenswood take note with two of our rinks having wins.  Con Harmer’s rink getting home by 2 shots and Bill Robertson by 1 shot.  However Kevin Spalding’s rink had one they might like to forget going down by 19 shots.  Next week they play Meadows at home and a win is not out of the question.

Results were: 

Wednesday  1st March 2017
Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated by Mt Barker                                                  59 – 63
Malcolm Keller, Chris Button, Carolyne Edwardes, Brian Buckingham              26 – 13
Christine Keller, Michael Wheal, Ray Rattray, Shelly Howe                               18 – 24
Bob Edwards, Chris Rowe, Jamie Burt, Tali Button                                            15 – 26

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated by Lenswood                                                  50 – 66
Bill Robertson, Di Bateman, Allan McMahon, sub                                               18 – 17
Con Harmer, Ron Bateman, Eric Biar, Tom Hennessey                                      11 – 20
Kevin Spalding, Val Deeble, sub,  Rob Burton                                                     10 – 29