Oh for another 1/2″……

Division 1 played out an amazing drawn with top side Lobethal with all rinks drawing at the conclusion of play.   Throughout the day there was little between the sides with the game coming down to the last end with Chris Button’s rink left on the green.  Trailing by two shots and down at the changeover, Chris moved the jack to be two up and square the match. With his, and the last bowl of the match the bowl fell agonising 1/2″ short.  Based on the overall result it was a fitting end to a excellent days play.

Division 2 also played a very strong Lobethal side and battled gamely throughout the day.  Bill Robertson’s rink getting over their opponents by one was the best result.

Results were: 

Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf draw with Lobethal at Hahndorf               56 – 56
Chris Button, Jamie Burt, Graham Evans, Brian Buckingham                21 – 21
Chris Rowe, Ray Rattray, Michael Wheal, Shelly Howe                         16 – 16
Robert Edwards, Leo Lambert, Di Bateman, Vic Liebelt                         19 – 19

Division 2 Hahndorf lost to Lobethal at Hahndorf                        47 – 64
Jim Howe, Con Harmer, Pat Wakefield, Allan McMahon                          13 – 22
Bill Robertson, sub, Eric Biar, Tali Button                                                  21 – 20
Ron Bateman, Val Deeble, Barbara Shields, Janet Liebelt                        13 – 22