New Verandah Completed

Our new verandah, supported by the Office of Recreation, Sport & Racing together with the Mt Barker District Council, is now complete.  We thank them for their kind generosity.  The workmanship of Mt Barker Steel, Glen Schubert Electrical, and Hawk Vision has been first class throughout the project.

The final touches were completed this morning, with the CCTV cameras plus floodlighting being installed.  Also upgraded has been the two sensors at the rear of the building as they were activating without movement.   Also upgraded to LED are the lights in the men’s toilet and hallway.

We all look forward to utilising the extension to our outdoors, especially after pennant and night bowls.  It will also add to the facilities when groups are hiring.  The committee is now considering the outdoor furniture to suit the area.


On the way

Nearing completion