New Sponsor

The Club welcomes Hogan Insurance Solutions as its newest sponsor.  Mike Hogan, currently playing night bowls, has offered his business as a sponsor, and we thank him for his generosity and support.

The company’s website, click here direct access, shows:


One of the first things you will notice about Hogan Insurance Solutions is how down to earth we are and how much we care about finding the right type of insurance cover for you. In the event of a claim we will also make sure you receive everything you are entitled to.

The claims process is then totally managed by our experienced and friendly staff.

It takes a long time to build wealth and to accumulate assets, many of which become the biggest purchases that we make in our lifetime. At Hogan Insurance Solutions we absolutely practice what we preach and totally believe in insurance to prevent you from going backwards.”

If you are thinking of looking at your insurance, why not give Mike and his team an opportunity to quote?  And they are local!