Welcome to Fitness Life Studios

Established in 2008 by owner Rowan Mumford, Fitness Life Studios was created to provide  an environment where everyone is accepted and given the opportunity to begin their own personal journey towards a healthier version of who they have always wanted to be.

Based in three locations in Aldgate, Bridgewater and Stirling,  our gym is staffed extensively seven days a week to fully support our members and to ensure that there is someone available for any queries that may arise during that time.

Our location at Aldgate is a 24/7 access gym where our members can come and train independently.  We also have one on one coaching sessions here, working with members specifically on a wide range of goals including increased mobility, pain free functional movements, weight loss, and hypertrophy to name but a few.

We encourage you to come and experience the culture, where you will be surrounded by a team of over 16 coaches where we dedicate our time  to ‘INSPIRE’ you with the reality that everything is achievable, with the right help. ‘MOTIVATE’ you with the knowledge of what it takes by continually educating you with the correct science based programming. When you win, we win, everything we do is built around you ‘SUCCEED’ing

NOTE to HBC members: Graham Evans has been a member of Fitness Life Studios for over six years and found their support in one-on-one different health situations excellent.