Nail Biting Finish at Uraidla

Division One – Hahndorf  travelled to Uraidla and, playing in all weather conditions, completed a nail-biting finish winning by one shot.

At the turn, Bob Edwards and Chris Button’s rinks were 11-9 in front whilst Ray Rattray’s rink were 9 – 11 down.  From there Chris Button continued to build on his lead five shots up on Uraidla’s David Gleeson.  Bob Edwards had to survive a comeback from David Wuttke with scores level at 17 all with one end to play. One shot on the last end gave Edwards to win.

Meanwhile Ray Rattray’s rink was having a great battle with Uraidla’s Geoff Deeble with Deeble sneaking away to lead by five shots with one end to play.  Deeble held two shots to draw the game, however Rattray’s last bowl draw in to reduce the shots to one, giving Hahndorf the overall win by one shot.

Next week they play third placed Woodside at Hahndorf

Division Two – Playing a strong Mt Pleasant team, our division two team were competitive for most of the day with all rinks holding leads at various times.  Tom Hennessey lead for the first thirteen ends finally going down Mt Pleasant’s Chad Vivian by six shots.  Shelly Howe was within two shots at afternoon tea and lead by two with two ends to play but went down by four shots in the end to Bo Hambly.

Bill Robertson met Luke West and after leading early had a great fight to lose by six shots.

Placed sixth on the premiership table, they meet seventh placed Meadows at Hahndorf.

Results were: 

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Uraidla at Uraidla                         56 – 55
C Button, B Fairley, D Grego, A Stevens                        23 – 17
R Edwards, M Wheal, R Bateman, R Crocker                18 – 17
R Rattray, C Harmer, A McMahon, G Evans                   15 – 21 

Division Two
Hahndorf lost to Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant                49 – 65
S Howe, V Deeble, C Thompson, J Benham                    20 – 24
T Hennessey, D Bateman, E Biar, D Turner                      16 – 22
W Robertson, J Thompson, M Trubee, B Buckingham      13 – 19