Mixed Wednesday results

Playing at home our Hahndorf 1 team comfortably accounted for Uraidla 1 by seventeen shots.  All three rinks have wins with Malcolm Keller and Bill Fairley’s rinks home by seven shots and Leon Zander’s home by three shots.    This places the team in fourth position.

It was not a good result for our second team oing down by sixteen shots.  Bill Robertson’s rink got home by eight shots however To Hennessey and Ron Batemans’ rinks lost by seventeen and seven shots respectively.  Mt Barker two is a very competitive team however our team remains in sixth position, just ahead of them, with the same number of wins on the ladder.

Results were”

Division 1  Hahndorf 1 defeated Uraidla 1 at Hahndorf                      60 – 43 shots
Malcolm Keller (skip), Christine Keller, Michael Wheal, Con Harmer               19 – 12
Bill Fairley (skip), Chris Button, Greg Miller, Vic Liebelt                                    21 – 14
Leon Zander (skip), Bob Edwards, Carolyne Edwardes, Eric Biar                    20 – 17

Division 2  Hahndorf 2 lost to Mt Barker 2 at Hahndorf                      43 – 59 shots
Tom Hennessey (skip), Richard Crocker, Val Deeble, Ray Hoffman                12 – 29
Bill Robertson (skip), Brian Buckingham, Pat Wakefield, Robin Potter             18 – 10
Ron Bateman (skip), Di Bateman, Allan McMahon, Ken Wilson                        13 – 20