Mixed Wednesday Results

Wednesdays matches were hard fought with our Division one team getting home by seven shots thanks to Christine Keller’s rink being up by the same margin. Bob Edwards got away to a handy lead and had to fight hard to stay in font by one shot and Chris Button’s rink loosing by the similar margin.

Division two met a strong Lobethal team with Tom Hennessey’s going down by three shots being the best result of the team.

Wednesday 12th October 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Lobethal at Lobethal            61 – 54
Christine Keller, Malcolm Keller, Michael Wheal, Kevin Spalding      25 – 18
Christopher Button, Ray Rattray, Carolyne Edwardes, Jamie Burt     18 – 19
Robert Edwards, Leo Lambert, Christopher Rowe, Victor Liebelt       18 – 17

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated by Lobethal at Lobethal         51 – 73 
Tom Hennessey, Brian Buckingham, Val Deeble, Eric Bair                  20 – 23
Bill Robertson, Jim Howe, Allan McMahon, Pat Wakefield                    13 – 22
Ron Bateman, Di Bateman, Barbara Shields, Shelly Howe                   18 – 28