Lobethal Losses

Division 1

Hahndorf lost to Lobethal on Saturday division 1 bowls 83 to 57.  The good news was that one rink was up to score 2 premiership points.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button narrowly won 23 to 22.  They were well on top prior to the tea break leading 15 to 6 but found themselves under pressure thereafter and at the 21st they trailed by 3 shots.  The side steadied to tie at 22 all with one end to play and one shot scored on the last saw them to victory.

The rink of Bob Edwards, together with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson could not take a trick, and were soundly beaten 16 to 31.  The side actually bowled quite well, but the Lobethal skipper had a day out upsetting heads with his final bowl on many occasions to put his side in front.

Rick Babidge and his rink of Leo Lambert, Alby Gluyas and Sue Maddern were defeated in the end 18 to 30.  In a tight tussle early, Babidge got to a lead of 5 shots at the 14th, but unfortunately lost some big numbers on a couple of ends from that point and could not recover.

Division 2

When Hahndorf last met Lobethal 1 at Lobethal last November they were outclassed, losing by 42 shots. On this occasion, playing at home, the loss was 16 shots.  Considering the calibre of the opposition, this is a creditable performance by the whole team.

All home rinks got away to a very good start, but as one astute observer wryly noted “Lobethal then worked out how to play a normal paced green and slowly pegged Hahndorf back”.

After twelve ends Hahndorf had cause for optimism with all rinks up: Con Harmer 15-4, Graham Evans 9-5, Shelly Howe 11-8. Alas, only the Harmer four was able to maintain their lead ‘til the end of the game with a 4 shot victory over Roger Jarman’s rink.

Playing against the four of Paul Maloney, Graham’s rink won seven of the first twelve ends but only managed to score in four of the remaining thirteen, each with single shots. The Hahndorf crew’s fighting spirit was evident by wins in the final two ends of the game.

Shelly’s four held a creditable 8 shot lead at the ninth, but Kevin Schulz’s rink whittled that advantage down to be up by 5 shots at the sixteenth. Hahndorf battled back with wins on the last nine ends but it was not enough with the visitors recording an 8 shot victory.

Hahndorf remains in seventh position on the premiership ladder. Next week they meet Oakbank at Oakbank.

Division 3

The game was played at Lobethal in very pleasant conditions, a change from the recent very hot weather.  We were up against the highly fancied Lobethal 1, currently top of the ladder.  Our team Hahndorf tried hard all day but Lobethal, on their home slow greens, were out to keep their reputation intact.

Skip Tom and his band of Jenny, Shaz and Jeff were behind from the very first end,  but won a great end on the 5th with a six and were in still in front on the 6th.   However Lobethal won most of the subsequent ends and at the break were 7 points up at 21-12.  The final score was 16-26, a good score on the day.

Skip Pat, Merv, Matthew and Alan didn’t have the best of days, although Lead Merv and his  counterpart Barry Elliott had a good contest.  The match was dominated by Lobethal, who only allowed Hahndorf six ends. Final score 7-35.

Skip Dave Greco, Pam, Dave Thyer and Cheryl were out of the blocks early to be in front until the 4th end.  Lobethal then fired up, scored a 6, two 4s and one 3 before the break to be 21-7 up.  Final score 13-33.

Results were:

1: Hahndorf (4) defeated by Lobethal (1) at Hahndorf                   57 – 83
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                                     18 – 30
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                                  16 – 31
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                            23 – 22

Div 2: Hahndorf (5) defeated by Lobethal (4) at Hahndorf              52 – 68
C Harmer, M Wheal, D Turner, B Buckingham                                     22 – 18
M Howe, W Robertson, V Deeble, B Engel                                          17 – 25
G Evans, R Bateman, D Bateman, A Proeve                                       13 – 25

Div 3: Hahndorf (9) defeated by Lobethal#1 (1) at Lobethal            36 – 94
T Hennessey, J Thompson, S Engel, J Benham                                   16 – 26
D Grego, C Thompson, D Thyer, P Grego                                             13 – 33
P Wakefield, A McMahon, M Armitage, J Liebelt                                     7 – 35