Last Five Ends the Difference!

The last five ends saw a difference in winning and drawing with our teams at Uraidla.

Top Division were comfortably in front with five ends to play and lost in excess of ten shots overall to hold on to a draw.  Next week they play fifth placed Oakbank at Oakbank in an effort to stay in touch with the top four.

Division Two were exactly the opposite and down with five ends to play and recovered from being in excess of ten overall shots down to run out winners by six shots.  The win moved Hahndorf into third and next week meet top placed Lenswood at Lenswood.

What is important is that skippers and seconds continually updating the scoreboard over the last five ends to have an idea of the overall situation.  Noting each others rink scores and encouraging concentration over those last few ends can make the difference between winning and loosing.

Division 1 Hahndorf  drew with Uraidla at Uraidla                    74 – 74 

M. Keller,  M. Wheal,  R. Rattray,  B. Buckingham                         27 – 22
C. Keller,  T. Anderson,  M. Howe,  R. Crocker                              26 – 30
R. Edwards,  C. Edwardes,  C Button, G. Evans                            21 – 22

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Uraidla at Uraidla                       55 – 49

W. Robertson,  A. McMahon,  T. Stevens,  E. Biar                          20 – 16
R.Bateman,  D. Bateman,  V. Deeble,  J. Benham                          11 – 21
T. Hennessy,  P. Nagel, D. Turner,  J. Liebelt                                  24 – 12