History Made – congratulations

History has been made with our Club’s two Division One teams winning their respective Grand Finals. This feat has never been achieved in the history of the Club. Congratulations.

Yesterday, Saturday 20th March 2021, our team completed the Division One Grand Final double by again defeating Lobethal BC by four shots at Oakbank BC.  The team went into the match as underdogs against Lobethal BC, one of the powerhouses over the past three years.  Not to be overawed by the occasion, Geoff Deeble’s rink of Sue Hutchinson, Chris Rowe, and Phil Nagle confronted Lobethal’s Wayne Zilm’s rink and came away with a strong win 28-18.  Due to a nasty fall on Thursday, Bob Edwards replaced Rick Babidge and together with Richard Crocker, Barry Rimmer, and Sue Maddern went on to a great win 22-19 against Neville Mansell.  Jamie Burt’s rink of Tim Anderson, Roger Mableson, and Rob Hutchinson battled hard to contain Darren Stansbury’s rink and went down 15-24.

Lobethal BC got away to an early lead but Hahndorf recovered their composure and started to gain the upper hand to get out to a handy lead of nine shots only to see it eroded by the time Geoff Deeeble and Bob Edwards’s rinks had finished to be all square with Jamie Burt’s rink four ends to play.  A five on the 22nd end gave Hahdorf the lead only to see Neville Mansell’s rink recover with a four on the 23rd.  With his last bowl to play and down in the head, Jamie’s running shot cleanly picked up the jack to be one up, placing Hahndorf two shots up.  Phew!!

The last end was a nail-biter but cool heads (one wonders what Rob Hutchinson’s heart monitor was reading??) took the end by two and handed the team a four-shot victory.  Well done to all the team and a fantastic victory.

The vocal support by the players’ family members, plus Club members should not be underestimated.  It was great to see around twenty-five sharing both ends of the rinks to give their support.

Members and partners celebrated at the Three Gums Bistro well into the night at its End of Season Dinner together with presentations to Club Championship winners.  President, Chris Button welcomed all present and later gave an outline of what has been a most successful year for the teams and individual members of the Club.

It is a great credit to our Club members, only fifty strong, to come away with such as result. Also, our other teams, three of the four others, finished in fifth place whilst the other in seventh place. All teams were competitive with an enormous team spirit.