Hahndorf#1 too strong!!

Hahndorf Division 1 team were too strong for our Division 2 team played in hot, gusty conditions.  Bill Fairley’s rink got away to an early start over Bill Robertson’s rink but to their credit worked back to make a good game of it.  From comments made by Ron, Leo Lambert turned on a master-class of bowling turning many heads from shots down to shots up.  Graham Evans’s rink created the surprise of the day by getting up over Christine Keller’s rink.

All games were played in a great spirit and shows we have a good depth of bowlers within our Club.

The win for Division 1 puts them into 4th place whilst the loss of Division 2 has pushed them down to 8th.  Next week the Div1 team plays Lobethal 2 at Hahndorf and Div2 take on Lenswood at Lenswood.

Results were:

Division 1  Hahndorf1 defeated Hahndorf 2 at Hahndorf                           74 – 49
Christine Keller (skip), Kathy Miller, Michael Wheal, Vic Liebelt                       14 – 22
Bill Fairley (skip), Chris Button, Greg Miller, Eric Biar                                       26 – 17
Leon Lambert (skip), Carolyne Edwardes, Barry Rimmer, Con Harmer            34 – 10

Division 2  Hahndorf2 defeated by Hahndorf1 at Hahndorf                         49 – 74
Ron Bateman (skip), Di Bateman, Ken Wilson, Jennie Benham                         10 – 34
Bill Robertson (skip), Brian Buckingham, Pat Wakefield, Robin Potter                17 – 26
Graham Evans (skip), Richard Crocker, Allan McMahon, Val Deeble                  26 – 17