Great Win at Mt Barker

“Any win away is a good win” was a comment made after Division One completed a great win against highly rated Mt Barker at Mt Barker.  Bob Edward’s rink gave Hahndorf a solid start by leading 13 – 0 against John Corner whilst Phil Nagel’s rink was having a battle with Bob Milburn.  Chris Button’s rink was having difficulty with “Trap” Daw’s rink.  The overall lead was maintained after the break with Bob Edward’s rink home by sixteen shots and Phil Nagel’s by nine shots.

The team sits just outside the four with a bye next Wednesday.

Division Two gave Lobethal as run for its money with one rink up and another a draw.  Most playing at Lobethal again after four days the team gave a good account of itself on their slow greens.  Bill Robertson home by three shots and Tom Hennessey having a draw,  Ron Bateman had a little more difficulty with the team finally down by seven shots.

Next week they meet Lenswood at home with Hahndorf also sitting just outside the four.

Results were:   

Hahndorf defeated Mt Barker at Mt Barker                    57 – 48
Division One
C Button, M Howe, D Bateman, A Stevens                        10 – 28
R Edwards, R Rattray, M Wheal, R Crocker                       26 – 8
P Nagel, T Anderson, L Lambert, G Evans                         21 – 12

Division Two
Hahndorf lost to Lobethal at Lobethal                            48 – 55
R Bateman, C Harmer, E Biar, J Benham                           12 – 22
T Hennessey, A McMahon, M Trubee, D Turner                 16 – 16
W Robertson, B Engel, R Burton, B Buckingham                20 – 17