Great Start to the Season

Finally after weeks of wet, cold, wintery conditions sunlight appeared and shined down on our greens.  Both teams had excellent wins with our Division 1 team having all rinks up, whilst Division 2 opened with two rinks up.  Unfortunately it would have been three except for the last bowl of the Meadow’s skipper who, with Ron’s rink holding five shots for the win, converted for one up.  Highlights of the Division 2 team was the seven and six scored by Graham Evans’ and Bill Robertson’s rinks respectively.

Congratulation to all bowlers.

Wednesday 5th October 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf d Oakbank at Oakbank            63 – 42                          
Christine Keller, Malcolm Keller, Michael Wheal, Kevin Spalding.             21 – 17
Christopher Button, Ray Rattray, Carolyne Edwardes, Jamie Burt            25 – 11
Robert Edwards, Leo Lambert, Christopher Rowe, Victor Liebelt              17 – 14

Division 2 Hahndorf d Meadows at Hahndorf           75 – 46
Graham Evans, Tom Hennessey, Con Harmer, Eric Biar                            30 – 14
Bill Robertson, James Howe, Michelle Howe, Allen McMahon                    30 – 15
Ron Bateman, Diana Bateman, Barbara Shields, Val Deeble                      15 – 17