Great Start to the Pennant Season

What a great way to start the 2015-16 pennant season!!  Division 1 and 2 teams having solid wins over Gumeracha at home.  Early winds caused players some difficulty finding their green however after 5-6 ends the winds dropped and the game was played in biting sunshine.

Division 1 team results were:  Hahndorf 86 d Gumeracha 64

Skip: Barry Rimmer, Malcolm Keller, Carolyne Edwardes, Tim Anderson     30-16 up
Skip: Christine Keller, Roger Mableson, Leo Lambert, Kathy Miller               29-23 up
Skip: Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Victor Liebelt, Leon Zander                          24-25 down

Division 2 team results were:  Hahndorf 107 d Gumeracha 39

Skip: Bill Robertson, Chris Button, Greg Miller , Ken Wilson                            42-7 up
Skip: Michael Wheal, Con Harmer, Graham Evans, Brian Buckingham           35-15 up
Skip: Scott Brooks, Chris Rowe, Di Bateman, Val Deeble                                30-17 up.

Division 4 team results:  Hahndorf won on a forfeit from Oakbank  

Congratulations to all the bowlers on a great effort.


Roger Mableson made it a winning day by playing in a wining team & rink, won the meat tray and the $5 drink voucher by answering the Sponsor’s quiz question.  Not sure whether we should allow Roger to enter any competitions for another three weeks???