Four teams – Four Wins – Fantastic!

What a great weekend for our Club.  Under EXTREME weather conditions, fighting rain and unbelievable winds, our bowlers showed great resilience and won all their matches.  Many went down to the wire, with one shot wins by two of our teams.  Rink scores were also close which made the results even more impressive.

Details of the day were:

Division One:
Jamie Burt 29-26: Rick Babidge 27-26: Geoff Deeble 21-24 Team Win: 77-76
Division Two:
Ray Rattray 25-19: Val Deeble 21-16: Bill Robertson 23-21  Team Win: 69-56
Div Three Gold:
David Grego 24-12: Graham Savage 17-13                           Team Win: 41-25
Div Three Silver:
Jeff Thompson 19-17: Ron Bateman 15-16                            Team Win 34-33

David’s win by 12 shots gives his rink of Janet Liebelt, Ken Wilson and Cheryl Thompson the “Rink of the Week” vouchers.  Well done.

Finally, there must have been something special in the Italian food from Friday night’s dinner??

Congratulations to all our members on a great effort.  Keep up the good work.