First Aid Course Successful

Members and family attended our First Aid Course last Friday and it proved to be a great success.  Conducted by St John Ambulance, twelve attendees varied from new first aiders to ones those who had gained their qualification many years ago.  Our educator, Linda, made the day entertaining whilst making sure we grasped the information.  Role Plays created some innovation with half the class sent outside with the other half required to play-act being struck down with an acute asthma attack and falling over and broken their arm.  The reverse role play was that the person had had a stroke and also broken their arm.

Role players were given bonus points if they acted out their particular role with many taking the role a little too far-fetched.

Many were asked to play a part, but Jeff Thomspon took things a little too far when being bitten by a snake.  So much so the Linda was encouraged by all that not only should his arm be immobilised, but the rest for him. The pictures tell the story:

We not only were required to go through a range of practical assessment tasks but complete a theory multi-choice assessment as well.   All attendees completed the course and were assessed as competent.

Great for the Club, members, and wider community.