Division Two home in tight fought final

Division Two travelled to Mt Pleasant and came home winners.  All rinks got off to a slow start but gradually found their way into the game to all win at the end.
Michael Wheal had to cope with Woodside’s Annette Forbes playing great draw bowls with her last bowl to get the shot on three of the first six ends.  However the team, with leader Brian Buckingham playing the “man of the match” performance all day, got on top and won by 9 shots.
Ray Rattray’s rink were down early not scoring in the first six ends.  Ray made a change by putting on his sun glasses – quote –“so I can see what is going on at the other end”. The team got on the board and finished wining by 6 shots.
Bill Robertson’s rink were under pressure until the break when Shelly Howe let the opposition know that is was now Hahndorf’s time.  From then on the scores closed to get the team home by a solitary shot.

Now for Mt Barker who lost to Lobethal by 6 shots.

Results were:

Saturday  25th March 2017 Semi Final
Division 2 Hahndorf (4) defeated Woodside (3) at Mt Pleasant                      74 – 56
Ray Rattray, Chris Rowe, Di Bateman, Alby Gluyas                                             24 – 18
Michael Wheal, Scott Brooks, Carolyne Edwardes, Brian Buckingham                28 – 17
Bill Robertson, Con Harmer, Shelly Howe, Richard Crocker                                 22 – 21

Our leaders in action

Left: Alby Gluyas
Right: Richard Crocker
Below: Brian Buckingham