Division Two consolidates its position

Division Two consolidated its position in the four with a thirteen shot win over fifth placed Uraidla at Hahndorf.  The win puts them four games clear with three matches to go.  Tom Hennessey’s rink had a excellent win by fifteen shots with President, Bill  Robertson also getting home by five shots.  Ron Bateman’s rink had a solid battle but went down by seven shots.

The next three games will be exciting with the team to meet top placed Lenswood at Hahndorf then second placed Woodside at Woodside and finally third placed Lobethal at Hahndorf.  A win over any of these teams will ensure a place in the finals.  Best of luck to Division Two.

It was again heartbreak for Division One with a two shot loss to Uraidla at home.  Holding a one shot lead with Christine Keller’s rink one end to play the team lost by two shots on the last bowl of the day.  Uraidla’s skipper Geoff Deeble was two down with his last bowl to play, put the jack in the ditch for three shots.  Scores in all rinks were close all day with the lead changing hands, one team getting a small break with the other closing the gap.

Bob Edward’s win overcame a lapse in the middle of the game to run out winners by one shot, Christine Keller went down by one shot with Malcolm going down by two.

Unfortunately the loss certainly closed the door on a top four finish but wins are possible the next two weeks when they play fifth placed Oakbank at Hahndorf, seventh placed Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant and finally top placed Lobethal at Hahndorf.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated by Uraidla at Hahndorf             59 – 61   

M. Keller, M Wheal, R. Rattray, R Crocker                                     17 – 19
C. Keller, T. Anderson, G. Evans, M. Howe                                    20 – 21
R. Edwards, C. Edwardes, L. Lambert, R. Potter                           22 – 21

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated Uraidla at Hahndorf                    65 – 52  

W.Robertson, A. McMahon, B. Buckingham, E. Biar                       23 – 18
R.Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                             14 – 21
T.Hennessey, P. Wakefield, A.Stevens, D. Turner                            28 – 13